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Your home office printer relies on ink cartridges to give you great prints, but what happens when you run out of toner? Do you simply chuck the toner cartridge in your home or office bin? Toner cartridges contain small fine dust-like particles made from a plastic polymer. These particles, known as toner, are heated and fused onto the paper during the printing process. Toner is regarded as hazardous chemical waste so following an environmentally responsible method in disposing toner cartridges once you’re done with them is the right thing to do.

Cash in your surplus ink and toner supplies. Sell toner cartridges with Annapolis Office Technologies for the easiest way to get cash for your surplus printer supplies and we'll come to you anytime! To see how much your ink cartridges are worth and receive an offer, give us a call today or email us a list of all the items you'd like to get rid of!

sell toner cartridges

Sell Toner Cartridges

We buy new, genuine, name brand, OEM, factory sealed ink, toner, and other printer supplies that are in good condition. If you are unsure whether your supplies qualify, just ask!

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Ink Cartridge Recycling

Printer ink cartridges are built to be easily reused. Why throw away when you can recycle or sell toner cartridges? Ink cartridge recycling helps you not only minimize waste, but contributes valuable components to be reused and refilled for remanufactured cartridges.

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