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As  global concern rises for the health of our environment it is important  to consider what our waste in land fills is comprising of. More  frequently this waste is made up of electronic waste as new technologies  emerge and past models become obsolete.   
Proper  disposal and recycling programs for electronic equipment are not readily  available. Just because we throw away old phones, computers, tablets,  printers, and copiers doesn't mean they go away. 
Over  125 million wireless phones are discarded into landfills each year and  as that number continues to rise with an increasing global reliance on  technology it is becoming increasingly imperative to be aware of our  contribution to this waste.  So join us in our journey to do our part to  save the planet and contact us today!



  • Computers (Mac & PC)​
  • Phones (Office & Cellular)
  • Tablets
  • ​iPads
  • Other Small Electronics